What is an eLearning Subscription?

To ensure that our members have access to high quality, tailor-made training at all times and regardless of location, WALGA Training is proud to offer a subscription service which allows your Local Government to enrol an unlimited number of learners to undertake selected course(s) over the subscription period.

WALGA’s annual subscription period commences on 1 November through to 31 October.

If you wish to take out a subscription in between, a pro-rata based subscription fee will apply. 

IMPORTANT: After 1 July, a subscription will be calculated up to 31 October the following year i.e your subscription costs will cover a period of 15 months (Annual + Pro-Rata Fee).

How do I purchase an eLearning subscription?
Please complete the eLearning Subscription Agreement form here or email training@walga.asn.au

IT Capability
Learners should be computer literate and have basic computer skills and knowledge, including the ability to navigate web browsers. Alternatively, speak to WALGA Training to discuss other delivery methods available. It is the responsibility of the Local Government to ensure that Students who have been provided with IT hardware and software have the necessary basic skills to use the equipment provided to them, prior to enrolling in any WALGA Training online learning. This includes, but is not limited to, eLearning, webinars, virtual classrooms and online assessments.

How much do they cost?

WALGA offers a payment structure based on SAT Bands. eLearning Subscriptions are a more affordable option than individual eLearning enrolments, in particular if you have high number of enrolments.

SAT Band Pricing Structure

Number of Courses SAT Band 4 SAT Band 3 SAT Band 2 SAT Band 1
1 $1,050 $1,840 $2,100 $2,625
2 $1,840 $2,890 $3,675 $4,200
3 $2,625 $3,675 $4,725 $5,520
4 $3,420 $4,465 $5,520 $6,825
5 $4,200 $5,250 $6,300 $7,350
5+ Contact WALGA Training for a customised quote

What SAT Band is my Local Government?

The Salaries and Allowances Tribunal determines the SAT Band level of each Local Government each financial year. For the latest information please visit their website or contact us.