Procurement Toolkit

WALGA’s Procurement Toolkit is the culmination of extensive research and development bringing together best practice in procurement from government, private and not-for-profit sectors.

It includes a Framework Wheel that provides clear guidance on best practice for all phases of the procurement lifecycle from Sourcing Strategy to Contract Close Out, as well as specialist topics: Policy, Regulation and Legislation, Probity & Ethics, Sustainability and Procurement Performance.

Additionally, the Toolkit contains a suite of more than sixty (60) tools and templates covering the entire end-to-end procurement process, aiming to assist Members to achieve governance over their procurement practices and full regulatory compliance

The Toolkit is offered through WALGA's Procurement Services subscription service.   To access the toolkit, click here.

Please note, your Local Government must be a subscriber to Procurement Services and you be logged in to the WALGA website to be able to access the toolkit. To request access, please follow these steps.