Western Australian Local Governments are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. Warmer and dryer conditions, extreme weather events, sea level rise, and extended bushfire seasons are testing many Local Governments’ emergency management capabilities and the resilience of their communities.

The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) is developing the Emergency Management Sector Adaptation Plan (EM-SAP) to support climate change adaptation across the Western Australian emergency management sector. The EM-SAP will be one of seven sector-based plans to help implement the Western Australian Climate Adaptation Strategy.

The EM-SAP is being developed in broad consultation across the EM sector. As Local Governments are a key Emergency Management Agency (EMA) stakeholder, the SEMC has engaged WALGA to coordinate a targeted consultation with Local Governments to inform the development of the final EM-SAP Plan.

An EM-SAP Discussion Paper was released in December 2023 to gather input from EM stakeholders about existing and feasible sector-specific adaptation actions. Please share any written feedback on the EM-SAP Discussion Paper submitted to SEMC's consultation platform Engage WA with WALGA by emailing em@walga.asn.au, so we can consolidate the views of Local Government in a final submission to SEMC.

For more information about the EM-SAP Consultation, please contact WALGA's Project Lead, Emergency Management, Simone Ruane via SRuane@walga.asn.au or 9213 2049. 

Register for WALGA’s EM-SAP Consultation for Local government events here.