The State Budget contains estimates for a range of State Government regulated tariffs, fees and charges.

Of note to Local Governments, street lighting tariffs are projected to increase by 4.8% across the forward estimates. However, this figure remains an estimate only.

The estimates in the budget papers are out of step with the nearly 44% increase proposed by Western Power for network charges in 2023-2024.

The Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) is currently considering the proposed 44% increase and will make its decision in coming days.

WALGA and several Local Governments have advocated to the ERA that Western Power’s  proposed increase was unexpected and unjustified, and, if approved, will impact ratepayers and residents - see WALGA’s media statement

The ERA have made public statements stating they were “surprised” at Western Power’s proposal to increase street light tariffs by nearly 44 per cent:

A statement from ERA said: The ERA is undertaking a detailed assessment of Western Power’s calculations. As a matter of approach, the ERA will seek to smooth increases over time rather than a once-off large increase. The ERA will consider the reasonableness of the proposed increase and the impact on local governments and their residents.

Metropolitan non-residential water tariffs are projected to increase by 2.5% across the board.