Emergency Management measures in the State Budget include:
  • $1 million for the continued development of the Consolidated Emergency Services Act

  • $81.7 million to upgrade and maintain the State’s emergency radio network and equipment used by frontline officers, including police officers and firefighters

  • $24.1 million over 2023-24 to 2026-27 to create an additional 29 positions to establish a sustainable state disaster recovery capacity

  • $13.4 million over 2022-23 to 2026-27 for DFES to staff the recovery taskforce following ex-tropical Cyclone Ellie

  • $9.2 million for a Community Benefit Fund and Resilience Grant Program for the 16 Local Governments impacted by Severe Tropical Cyclone Seroja

  • $1.3 million in 2022-23 for cost increases associated with grants paid to Local Governments in respect of Volunteer Brigades and Units Fleet Replacement Program.

No additional funding was allocated for the Community Emergency Services Manager Program (CESM). The CESM program is designed to bolster Local Government emergency management capability to support their communities in the preparation, response and recovery from emergency events such as bushfires and flooding.

There are 30 Local Governments that currently manage volunteer Bushfire Brigades without the support of a CESM that desperately need CESM Program funding.

WALGA’s Budget Submission sought a two stage expansion to this Program to provide Local Governments across the State with a CESM. This will remain a priority and WALGA will continue to make strong representations to the Government.