Our operational structure is comprised of a number of internal business units who undertake  policy and advocacy work on behalf of the Local Government sector.
Our policy areas include Economics, Emergency Management, Employee Relations, Environment, Governance, Infrastructure and Community and Place.
The agreement guides communication and shared priorities between the State Government and the Local Government sector.
WALGA often consults with its Members on a variety of topics to inform our advocacy and service offerings

Policy Priorities 2023

WALGA amplifies the voice of Local Government and brings sector positions directly to key decision makers. The breadth of issues facing the sector is wide but in order to maximise advocacy outcomes for Local Governments, WALGA has identified those issues of most important for 2023 in a Policy Priorities document.

WALGA will develop an advocacy strategy for identified policy priorities, including actions, engagement, timeframes, and outcomes sought.

Read WALGA's 2023 Policy Priorities here.

WALGA Advocacy Position Statements

As Local Governments all over Western Australia exist for the benefit of local communities, WALGA’s advocacy positions have been developed with community benefit front of mind.
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