Local Government is seeking the immediate introduction of a Container Deposit Scheme.
The Local Government sector has sought the introduction of a Container Deposit Scheme for
many years.

The benefits of such a Scheme include: increased resource recovery, a reduction in litter, a more
appropriate distribution of waste management costs, and an increase in community awareness and
involvement in waste management. Local Government prefers that a nationally consistent Scheme is
introduced, but only if this can occur in a timely manner. Container Deposit Legislation has successfully
operated in South Australia since the late 1970’s. South Australia now has the highest recycling rates for beverage containers in Australia, at over 80 percent.

Waste Levy utilised to develop scheme, then self-funded scheme (market driven). Actual cost dependant on type of Scheme implemented.

Benefit to the State:
Benefits to the State include reduced litter, increased rates of recycling and a more appropriate distribution of waste management costs.

Responses WALGA has received from political parties:

WA Labor:
Shadow Minister Chris Tallentire MLA, announced that WA Labor will fast-track a container deposit scheme for WA, if WA Labor is elected. WA Labor's scheme would introduce laws for a 10 cent refund container deposit scheme, and first introduced legislation for a scheme five years ago.

The Greens WA:
The Greens WA are especially supportive of a container deposit scheme and I have tried to intoroduce this into Parliament as a Private Member's Bill.

Liberal Party of WA:
WALGA has yet to receive a response.

The National Party of WA:
The Liberal-National Government announced the introduction of a container deposit scheme in Western
Australia in 2016. The Nationals have supported this introduction since passing a motion at our 2013
State Conference. The Nationals will also ensure regional people have the ability to take advantage of
this scheme.