Local Government is seeking a commitment to sign a Partnership Agreement with the sector
with an accompanying Communication and Consultation Protocol.

It has been a consistent goal of WALGA to formally sign a partnership agreement and consultation
protocol with the State Government.

State Council’s position is as follows:
WALGA supports the establishment and signing of a Partnership Agreement between the Western Australian Government and the Local Government sector that documents a commitment to improving cooperation between the two sectors at strategic and project levels.

The Partnership Agreement should also incorporate a communication and consultation protocol that
guides communication and consultation between the State Government and the Local Government
sector with a minimum of twelve weeks of collaboration for legislative proposals that will impact Local
Government operations and eight weeks of consultation for regulatory or compliance changes that will
affect Local Government.

No funding is required.

Benefit to the State:
A productive relationship between the State Government and the Local Government sector will benefit both parties, and ultimately, the State of Western Australia, particularly if Local Government is able to work with the State in the pursuit of shared and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Responses WALGA has received from political parties:

WA Labor:
WA Labor will sign a Partnership Agreement with an accompanying Communication Protocol.

The Greens WA:
The Greens WA are very supportive of all of the ten priority areas with the focus on improving the quality of life of citizens. This is akin to our principle that Local Government has a valuable role as the third tier of government and in local governance and the representation of local issues and delivery of essential community services.

Liberal Party of WA:
WALGA has yet to receive a response.

The National Party of WA:
The Nationals WA strongly support closer cooperation between the State and Local Governments.
Forced local government amalgamations was a missed opportunity for beneficial reform, and the result
of a breakdown in relations between local councils and the State Government. The Nationals therefore
support any mechanisms that strengthen the working relationship.