Key Points
  • Local Governments manage 87 per cent of the public road network in Western Australia, which is 127,000 kilometres of roads
  • Estimated record investment of $1.38 billion to be allocated over five years
  • $253 million invested in Local Government roads this financial year
As part of the WALGA Local Government Convention 2023, WALGA has signed a new five-year State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement (SRFLGA) with the State Government.
The agreement provides Local Governments an estimated $1.38 billion to be allocated to local roads over the next five years.
This represents 20 per cent of the revenue from the State’s vehicle licence fee collections.
Local Governments manage 87 per cent of the public road network in Western Australia, or 127,000 kilometres of roads in Western Australia.
First negotiated in 1995, the Agreement reinforces the partnership between the State Government and Local Governments by providing a vital funding source towards the improvement and maintenance of the Local Government road network.
WALGA President Karen Chappel said the agreement was welcomed by Local Governments and highlighted the importance of the two tiers of government working together to benefit the community.
“The agreement is a vital source of funding providing certainty for Local Government and the communities they represent, for the term of the Agreement,” said Cr Chappel.
“In addition to the commitments to improve road safety, with the aim of saving lives, there are some important social and environmental commitments in this agreement, such as increasing Aboriginal employment and the use of recycled materials in road construction.”
Local Government managed programs will receive 67 per cent of annual funding in direct grants, road project grants, State Black Spot allocations and special funding for remote Aboriginal community access roads.
The Agreement is intended to ensure that the available funds are allocated across the State of Western Australia, focusing on areas of strategic importance and projects that will provide maximum benefit.
Safe and efficient local roads are critical to enable agricultural and mining industries to access markets with over 60 per cent of local roads open to be used by road trains.
The agreement will see nearly $253 million invested in Local Government roads this financial year, representing between 20 per cent and 25 per cent of total investment in local roads.
The principles in the Agreement are delivered into practice through the governance provided by the Regional Road Groups and the State Road Funds to Local Government Advisory Committee.
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