The Western Australian Local Government Association has welcomed Friday’s announcement from the State Government of $9.6m to support 47 new active transport projects across WA.

Some 37 Local Governments will benefit from the WA Bicycle Network grants which will enable more than 38km of paths to be laid over the next two years, with the funding split roughly evenly between metropolitan and regional Local Governments.

Many Local Governments have developed Bike Plans reflecting the importance of cycling and active transport in their communities and the bike path grants will play a pivotal role in delivering the objectives of these plans.

This grant program has, however, been oversubscribed for many years as interest in improved active transport links outpaces the availability of funding.

Restoring the Local Government share of Motor Vehicle Licensing Revenue to 27 per cent would enable Local Governments to satisfy strong demand from their communities for more active transport solutions.

WALGA as a member of the Active Travel to School Working Group is a strong advocate for measures which will support more West Australians, particularly children, to get outside and walk or ride to their destinations.

WALGA President Cr Karen Chappel said:
“With the number of children walking or riding to school declining by 50 per cent in the past four decades, it is important all spheres of Government work together to make our communities as pedestrian and cycle-friendly as they can be,” she said.

“WALGA will this year lead consultation with Local Governments to identify local challenges, amend and develop new planning guidelines with a view to tackling issues such as pedestrian connectivity, parking demand, road safety and public transport access.

“This will support the important work the Department of Transport is doing in collaboration with other agencies to encourage more people to leave the car at home.”

Friday’s announcement will assist Local Governments encourage their communities to partake in active transport, and WALGA looks forward to further discussions with the Department and the Minister to further this cause.
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