WA Local Governments’ operations will benefit from improvements to short stay accommodation businesses that recognise their existing planning requirements, as recommended by a parliamentary inquiry report released last year.
The State Government yesterday announced they will adopt nearly all of the recommendations included in the Economics and Industry Standing Committee’s September report, including a standardised registration scheme for short stay accommodation providers and allowing for variance through local planning requirements.
WA Local Government Association President, Cr Lynne Craigie welcomed the changes, saying the initial inquiry was the result of an extensive consultation process including WALGA and Local Governments, with the sector supporting the Committee’s recommendations.
Recommendations included a framework review with standardised definitions, shared data from online providers, and a requirement for accommodation providers to cite their registration number in any promotional material – all embraced in the State’s response.
“The sector has been advocating for modernisation of the planning framework as it relates to short term accommodation, as the existing framework is not effective in addressing this emerging sector,” Cr Craigie said.
“The introduction of a State-wide registration process will greatly assist Local Governments in their work identifying and managing compliance of short-term accommodation premises.”
Cr Craigie said the Parliamentary Committee recognised the benefits of retaining existing planning requirements that reflected individual community needs, and the sector would be pleased these were also included in the State’s response.
“Whilst this new sector continues to evolve, its impact can greatly differ across communities, and many Local Governments already have local requirements in place specific to their needs,” Cr Craigie said.
“We’re pleased to see this further acknowledged in the State’s response tabled yesterday, along with a commitment to continue working with the Local Government sector on the legislation and regulations to implement these changes.