Local Government reform initiatives announced today represent an informed approach by the State Government to enable a more progressive legislative framework for the sector.

The reform package delivers a longstanding commitment by the State to modernise legislation to better reflect the changing role and expectations of the Local Government sector.

WALGA President Mayor Tracey Roberts welcomed the announcement of a three-month consultation process, saying it would allow for further detailed discussions prior to legislation being drafted.

“Local Government has long been advocating for modernisation of the legislation under which we operate, and this represents the next step in this process,” Mayor Roberts said.

“Many of the initiatives outlined as a part of this package will be supported by the sector as they have been informed by engagement between our Members and the Minister for Local Government.

“Further, having a tiered approach to many requirements according to the differing size and scale of Local Governments will greatly assist in their implementation.”

Mayor Roberts said Local Governments had been advocating for many of the reform initiatives announced today, including:
  • introduction of a contemporary intervention framework
  • greater clarity of roles and responsibilities of Elected Members and Chief Executive Officers
  • tiered compliance approach to financial reporting requirements according to size and scale of Local Governments
  • model financial statements and fit for purpose financial ratios
  • improved processes relating to regional subsidiaries to facilitate collaborative service delivery
  • reducing unnecessary red-tape and a more flexible approach to enable resource sharing
  • retention of current election cycle for Elected Members, and
  • simplification of strategic planning processes and community engagement models.
Mayor Roberts said WALGA would consult further with Members on each of the changes outlined across the six themes of the reform package for ongoing discussions with the Minister on best methods or support required for their implementation.

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