Local Governments throughout Western Australia look forward to working closely with the new Federal Labor Government to ensure no local communities are left behind.
President of the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) President Karen Chappel congratulated incoming Prime Minister Anthony Albanese following Saturday’s Federal election.
President Chappel said Local Governments work closely with the Federal Government on many issues that support local communities from waste to natural disasters and building roads to protecting the environment.
“The partnership between Local Governments and the Federal Government is critical to the sustainability of communities throughout Australia,” President Chappel said.
“On behalf of Western Australia’s 139 Local Governments, WALGA advocated for funding and support for Local Governments throughout the Federal election campaign.
“Labor committed to providing fair increases to Federal Financial Assistance Grants (FAGS), which have declined during recent decades from one per cent of Commonwealth revenue in 1996 to just 0.55 per cent today.
“WALGA welcomes this commitment and will engage constructively with the incoming Labor Government to ensure communities throughout the State can benefit from any increases to FAGS,” she said.
WALGA, as part of a national campaign with the Australian Local Government Association and other State associations, successfully advocated for an extension of the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program and additional funding for disaster mitigation.
President Chappel said the $750 million LRCI Program extension would help Local Governments provide new community facilities such as libraries, sporting facilities, community centres and playgrounds.
“The commitment to a $200 million a year Disaster Ready Fund will help protect high-risk communities from fires, cyclones and floods,” she said.
“While WA is a long way from Canberra, WALGA will continue to ensure the voices of local communities are heard at the Federal level through ongoing positive engagement with local WA Federal Members of Parliament, those new and returned.
“Labor’s commitment to including Local Government on National Cabinet will also ensure the views of Councils are shared with both Federal and State Governments at the highest level.”