Recovery activities for Local Governments affected by cyclone Seroja will be greatly assisted by more than $100 million provided under the Commonwealth State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).

Announced yesterday, the funding will be provided to affected communities across 16 Local Government areas in the Mid-West region of the State.

The WA Local Government Association welcomed the provision of this unprecedented amount of DFRA funding, as it will contribute to activities to rebuild local businesses and facilities and enable support for local communities as they continue in their long recovery process.

WALGA President Mayor Tracey Roberts said the level of funding provided was in keeping with the impacts of the event itself.

“Cyclone Seroja was unique in its widespread impact and the significant damage that it wrought across homes, farms and businesses, so it is not surprising that this is a record-breaking package,” Mayor Roberts said.

“This funding will provide the vital support needed by Local Governments and communities to continue in their long and challenging recovery process.”

Mayor Roberts congratulated impacted Local Governments for their outstanding efforts over the past months and for their input into advocacy for funding required to progress their recovery activities.

"These Local Governments and local communities have been working incredibly hard over the past few months to start down the long path to recovery, and we have been working with them to establish what they need to rebuild,” she said.

“We can now continue on with the process knowing resources are available for the huge task of rebuilding and to give our communities support where it’s most needed.”

The package includes financial support for the clean up and restoration of damaged community, recreational, cultural and heritage assets; funding for a community welfare and outreach program; and grant programs to help residents, primary producers and small businesses with clean-up and repair.