State and Federal financial assistance will be essential to the recovery of communities from the impacts of widespread flooding around the State.

It is estimated more than 100 Councils and their communities have been affected by recent weather events, with estimated damage to Local Government assets running well into the millions of dollars.

WA Local Government Association President Cr Lynne Craigie said it was clear the event was eligible for State and Federal funding assistance through the Western Australia Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (WANDRRA) and called upon the Government to instigate the arrangements quickly to allow for recovery activities to progress.

“Many communities are still in an emergency response phase, and we encourage those communities to remain in contact with their Councils and relevant authorities to learn of any emerging issues and ensure their own safety,” Cr Craigie said.

“Local Governments will soon commence the large task of recovery, clean up and reconstruction and it is critical that the WANDRRA funding be confirmed as soon as possible to assist Councils in their work planning.

“Events such as this have far ranging impacts, with significant damage to Local Government infrastructure and road networks and Councils cannot shoulder replacement costs alone.”

Cr Craigie said the Association anticipated Councils will receive financial support for replacement works that qualify for assistance through WANDRRA funding and advised Local Governments to keep the funding requirements and processes in mind when commencing their recovery work.