This year, the WA Local Government Association’s (WALGA)’s RoadWise program is using its annual Blessing of the Roads campaign to challenge the belief that road trauma is inevitable and a consequence of travel on the road network.
WALGA President Cr Lynne Craigie said the Blessing of the Roads campaign is asking the community to think about their family and friends when considering what they think is an acceptable number of fatalities and serious injuries on our roads.
“There were 161 road deaths last year*, but we are calling for the community to work together to achieve the long-term vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on our roads,” she said.
“This can be done by generating support and participation in local road safety initiatives to prevent road trauma and save lives.”
Start by taking care of yourself and others. Easter road safety tips:
  • plan ahead if drinking - arrange a skipper, take public transport or stay overnight,
  • travel at a safe speed by driving to the conditions of the road and obeying the road rules,
  • buckle up when travelling in a vehicle,
  • take a break or swap drivers to prevent fatigue. Visit one of the many Driver Reviver and Coffee Stop locations around the state, and
  • turn off your mobile phone before driving.
WALGA RoadWise is encouraging everyone to participate in the campaign to show that together, we can create a positive road safety culture in communities and demonstrate that road trauma can be prevented.
For more information about the Blessing of the Roads campaign and road safety in your area, visit the RoadWise website.

*Government of Western Australia, Road Safety Commission, Latest Statistics,, 6 March 2018.