A decision by the State Government could threaten the environment and cause uncertainty in planning and development across the greater metropolitan and Peel areas. 
The Strategic Assessment of the Perth and Peel Regions (SAPPR) is now suspended until a review of its costs and benefits is completed, before being considered by the State Government.
The assessment was the largest urban-based environmental assessment ever undertaken in Australia, to provide a green growth plan that integrates environmental protection and land use planning.
WALGA President Cr Lynne Craigie said the Local Government sector is concerned the delay in implementation of the SAPPR could derail long term land use planning and development decisions.
“After seven years of collaborative work by the State departments, Local Governments, environmental groups and land development sectors, the State Government has announced a further delay in the preparation and implementation of the SAPPR,” she said.
“Some useful outcomes have already been achieved by the assessment, such as informing the sub-regional planning frameworks.
“However, Local Government is concerned that the opportunities to streamline approval processes and cut land use planning red tape are now in serious doubt.”
The Association has called for an equitable, transparent and low-impact funding mechanism with a clear plan for implementation of the Green Growth Plan, Cr Craigie said.
“For example, utilising Local Government natural areas for vegetation offsets is just one viable and ongoing opportunity to reduce costs of the SAPPR implementation,” she said.
“While there has not been any significant engagement with key stakeholders in recent times, WALGA remains committed to working with the State Government to ensure that the review process proposed is transparent, balanced and undertaken in an efficient manner.
“We expect the review to be fully inclusive of the views and requirements of Local Government.
“Delivery of a sustainable and appropriate urban development footprint remains a priority for Local Government, as the sector continues to deliver liveable communities for WA.”