An intergovernmental agreement to help ensure local communities are heard on key decisions has been signed by the Premier and representatives of State and Local Government.

The State and Local Government Partnership Agreement was signed during the WA Local Government Association’s Annual General Meeting today and sets out how the two sectors consult and communicate with each other on significant issues.
WALGA President, Cr Lynne Craigie welcomed the agreement, saying it would bring about a new era of collaboration between State and Local Government.

“Such an agreement provides for a legitimate and respectful relationship between the two sectors, setting out communications and consultation protocols and processes,” Cr Craigie said.

“Local Governments have been advocating for a new agreement ever since the last agreement lapsed some 10 years ago, and it is great to see this Labor election commitment being realised.”

The agreement includes a communication and consultation protocol allowing minimum time frames for consultation and processes for achieving common goals. 

For significant changes such as new legislation, the agreed consultation period is 12 weeks; for less significant changes such as those to regulations, eight weeks; and for adjustments to guidelines or policies the consultation period between State and Local Government will be four weeks. 

Cr Craigie said the agreement would allow Local Governments greater scope for input into State Government policy, and the opportunity to discuss potential risks or impacts of decisions before their implementation.

“It is about working together in the interests of the community, not always agreeing, but having the respect to work through issues and the pragmatism not to throw out the relationship at the first conflict,” she said.

“We look forward to working together with the State under this new framework to achieve common goals in servicing and supporting local communities.”

Signatories to the agreement are Premier, Hon. Mark McGowan; Local Government Minister, Hon. David Templeman; WALGA President, Cr Lynne Craigie and Local Government Professionals Australia WA President, Jonathan Throssell.

To view the State and Local Governement Partnership Agreement, click here.