WA Local Government Association President Cr Lynne Craigie congratulated members of the new Labor Ministry, saying she hoped to meet with relevant Ministers in the coming weeks to talk about sector priorities.
Cr Craigie said she was pleased to see David Templeman appointed as Local Government Minister and she looked forward to working closely with him across the sector’s portfolio.
“Minister Templeman has committed to establishing a quality relationship with the sector framed within an environment of mutual respect, honesty and trust including the establishment of a Partnership Agreement between the spheres of government,” Cr Craigie said.
“A Partnership Agreement will set an agenda for business between our two sectors and helps to establish time frames and processes for achieving common goals.
“The agreement is critical to establishing a joint approach to our shared responsibilities and is something we’ve been requesting since the previous agreement lapsed in 2006.”
Cr Craigie said Minister Templeman’s background as a Deputy Mayor at the City of Mandurah and previous role as Shadow Minister meant he was familiar with the sector and the challenges it faced.
“Minister Templeman has spent a lot of time with our Members and has been exposed to many of the issues and challenges we’re experiencing,” she said.
“I congratulate him on the appointment and am looking forward to working together across the many areas in which Local Government contributes to the amenity and wellbeing of local communities.”
Cr Craigie thanked both Tony Simpson and Paul Miles for their contributions to the sector during their time as Local Government Minister.