A campaign to change the Development Assessment Panels (DAP) system has received the green light from WA Local Government Association State Council, allowing communities to have their voices heard on large scale developments.

The State Council agreed on Friday, 9 September to support a campaign that lobbies for changes to the Development Assessment Panels.  

The campaign will call for the following changes:
  • A full and comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of Development Assessment Panels be conducted by an independent organisation.  
  • Abolishing the current opt-in mechanism which allows applicants to choose either elected Councils or the DAP as the decision maker in favour of a Ministerial call-in power for projects of state or regional significance, with a minimal value of $20 million, as has been adopted in the eastern states.
  • The Local Government sector be consulted prior to any amendments to the Development Assessment Panels system, to ensure that operational efficiencies can be achieved.
WA Local Government Association President Cr Lynne Craigie said the upcoming state election presents a valuable opportunity to change the flawed DAP system.

“WALGA five-year review of the DAP have proven that the current system has a number of failings,” she said.

“These include exceeding legislated timeframes for development application outcomes, running inefficient meetings and dealing with small-scale development applications rather than projects of that affects the state.
“The suggested changes will deal with these failings and improve the system."