Inside WALGA’s Diploma of Local Government 

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Friday, 12 April, 2024
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Inside WALGA’s Diploma of Local Government 

WALGA’s Nationally Recognised Diploma of Local Government – Elected Member (LGA50220) course is the highest level of qualification that an Elected Member can obtain with WALGA Training.  

The Diploma program enables Elected Members to increase their competency to be a strong leader for their local community and to confidently contribute to informed decision making. 

Shire of Mundaring President Cr Paige McNeil graduated with her Diploma of Local Government in 2023. Watch below why she chose to take part in the course and why she recommends it to other Elected Members.  

Join our esteemed group of Alumni and enrol for our first intake for the year, commencing Monday, 20 May

Register for the May intake.  

Why should you undertake the Diploma?  

The program is an opportunity to continue your educational journey after completing the Council Member Essentials (add link).   
The Diploma extends the learning journey initiated by WALGA's Council Member Essentials by:  

  • Introducing Advanced Knowledge: Delving into specialised areas crucial for elected members, including planning and asset management.  

  • Promoting Reflective Practice: Challenging Council Members to apply their knowledge and critically evaluate their performance.  

  • Enhancing Personal Skill Sets: Equipping Council Members with conflict management skills and empowering them to lead their communities effectively.  

  • Improving Confidence and Expertise: Providing the confidence and expertise necessary for fulfilling the elected member role with distinction.  

  • Fostering Community Impact: Cultivating the ability to positively influence local government and deliver tangible benefits to the community.  

Throughout the Diploma program, you will engage in practical exercises, including researching and analysing past council decisions including financial decisions or community outcomes. 

By enrolling in our 2024 intake, you will gain invaluable insights into legislative and regulatory requirements, enriching your ability to navigate the complexities of your role as an elected member.  

For more information visit 

Enrolment of the May intake closes, Friday 10 May. 

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