The demands on Local Government procurement and contract managing have moved beyond the traditional focus of ensuring compliance. Local Governments are now expected to demonstrate probity, transparency and good governance over the use of public funds to procure goods and services, and in the management of their suppliers as well as achieve superior value outcomes.

WALGA has responded to this need for increased support with the introduction of a suite of procurement and contract management training courses suitable for Elected Members and Officers.

Procurement Learning and Development Pathway

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Procurement and Contract Management
Learning and Development Pathway

Stage 1

Procurement and Contract Management Fundamentals is an introductory course in procurement for Local Government Managers, Officers and Elected Members. The training has been designed specifically for individuals who are new to, or requiring an update in, the undertaking of procurement and contract management in their role in WA Local Government.

Stage 2

  • Managing Contracts in Local Government is designed to assist Local Governments and Contract Managers in Western Australia to address issues and raise the bar in improving all aspects of their contract management performance. Managing Contracts tailors modern leading contract management practice specifically for contract managers in the Western Australian Local Government context.
  • Evaluation, Supplier Selection and Contract Establishment focuses in detail on the Evaluation and Supplier selection stage of the Procurement Cycle.
  • Planning and Specification Development focuses in detail on the critical steps associated with planning and specification development for successful contracts.

Stage 3

  • Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting PSP40616 is a nationally recognised qualification that has been specifically designed to recognise the skills of those working in procurement and contract roles within Local Government. It covers the broad range of skills required to operate without supervision in a procurement and contracting environment.

    Upon successful completion of 15 units, participants will be awarded the Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting PSP40616. This program will provide the skills and knowledge to enable participants to effectively and confidently work in a procurement role.