WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey 2018/19

Collection of data for the 2018/19 Salary and Workforce Survey has commenced!
This year users will enter and upload survey data directly to the web portal. To access the web portal the Local Government must be a subscriber.  Click here to find out how to subscribe.

Survey topics include:

  • Organisational size – revenue and workforce
  • Employee relations – employment instruments, employee status, contract types, contingent workers, enterprise agreement duration and pay rises.
  • Workforce profile by department, gender, age, occupation, apprentices and trainees.
  • Employee turnover, unscheduled absences, leave liability, leave provisions, termination and redundancy statistics.
  • Salary, superannuation, allowances, motor vehicles and fringe benefits.
  • Gender and pay equity metrics, including average salary per FTE and CEO to median worker pay ratio.
  • Human resource management practices and trends.
  • Labour market indicators – consumer price index, wage price index and annual weekly earnings.

We encourage all Local Governments to participate in the survey as the survey results provide an invaluable resource to assist Local Governments in the planning and implementation of salary structures and workforce planning.
Click  here to download the WALGA 2018/2019 Salary and Workforce Survey  User Guide and FAQ

To access the portal, please  click here

WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey

Some key features of the WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey report include:
  1. Exclusive for WA and NT Local Governments.
  2. Current remuneration data for 2018/19 budget planning.
  3. Base salary and total remuneration data for 144 unique positions.
  4. Enterprise agreement pay rises.
  5. Organisation priorities for people and culture.
  6. Workforce data by employment type, age, occupation, diversity and gender.
  7. Industry trends for leave, superannuation, terminations and 30 types of allowances and benefits.
  8. Industry trends in human resource management.
  9. Increased privacy, while retaining some pay transparency.

Online Portal 

Local Governments who subscribe to the survey report, will have access to an online portal for full salary data and workforce resources. The salary and workforce portal is a year round resource for CEO’s, corporate service managers, people and culture managers and system analysts.

The online portal has a number of features not included in the written PDF report, including:
  • salary data search of over 3000 Local Government salaries
  • your survey results ranked against industry benchmarks (for survey participants)
  • position task descriptors
  • additional data tables and charts, and 
  • online remuneration calculator.
Confidentiality - access to the online portal within each Local Government is  limited to nominated user logins. This will ensure that key individuals in Executive and Human Resources roles can access comparative data at the required level of detail, without public disclosure of individual data.

To access the portal, please  click here

Click  here to download the brochure.  

Executive Summary

An Executive Summary is available to Local Governments free of charge. The Summary includes a snapshot of the information that has been collected and presented in the report and the online portal. 

To view the 2017/2018 Executive Summary,  click here .