WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey

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The WA Local Government Association (WALGA) Salary and Workforce Portal provides comprehensive data and insights for Local Governments in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.
Building on over 20 years of salary surveys by WALGA, the annual survey and portal covers over 150 job roles and contains more than 30 metrics for workforce planning, human resources and remuneration.

Some key features of the WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey report include:

  • Unique online views for each Local Government.
  • Browse Local Government market salary ranges and position descriptions for up to 150 job roles.
  • Apply filters to view salaries for comparable roles.
  • Use the remuneration calculator to create examples to use in recruitment and human resource discussions.
  • See how your Local Government compares with industry trends
  • Use workforce and HR metrics in workforce planning, enterprise bargaining, policy reviews and salary negotiations.
  • Downloadable PDF reports and Excel worksheets for internal use.
  • Other online resources and tools.
The WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey information is available through a subscription which gives access to an online portal and PDF report.

To download and view a video demonstration (Webinar) of the WALGA 2019 Salary and Workforce Portal, click here.

To download the WALGA 2019 Salary and Workforce User Guide and FAQs click  here.

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Online Portal 

Local Governments who subscribe to the survey report, will have access to an online portal for full salary data and workforce resources. 

The online portal has a number of features not included in the written PDF report, including:
  • salary data search of over 3000 Local Government salaries
  • your survey results ranked against industry benchmarks (for survey participants)
  • position task descriptors
  • additional data tables and charts, and
  • online remuneration calculator.

Privacy and security

All access is subject to stringent login authentication and data encryption technology. On the portal you can search position salary data and filter by SAT band (size) and ACLG codes (region). On the salary search page, the identity of the Local Governments is hidden.

To access the portal, click here

Executive Summary

An Executive Summary is available to Local Governments free of charge.
The Summary includes a snapshot of the information that has been collected and presented in the report and the online portal. 

To download the 2019 Executive Summary, click here

Purchase Information 

To order your 2019 subscription please email WALGA Employee Relations attaching a purchase order to  employeerelations@walga.asn.au.
Below is the schedule of fees.

Western Australia: 
 Local Government Category  Full Fee (ex GST)
 WA SAT Band 1  $1,650
 WA SAT Band 2   $1,500
 WA SAT Band 3   $1,350
 WA SAT Band 4   $1,150

Northern Territory: 
 Local Government Category  Full Fee (ex GST)
 NT Band 1 (over 300 employees)  $1,650
 NT Band 2 (200-300 employees)  $1,500
 NT Band 3 (100-200 employees)  $1,350
 NT Band 4 (up to 99 employees)  $1,150