The attached document is a collation of WALGA’s advocacy positions and is correct as at May 2020. While every effort has been made to document all advocacy positions, some may not have been captured.

Guiding Principles

WALGA’s advocacy positions are determined by State Council as appropriate are typically guided by the following principles, expressed by WALGA’s “Vision for Local Government” in the Strategic Plan 2015-2020:

WALGA is committed to advancing the vision for Local Government in Western Australia where:

  • Local Governments will be built on good governance, autonomy, local leadership, democracy, community engagement and diversity, and
  • Local Governments will have the capacity to provide economically, socially and environmentally sustainable services and infrastructure that meets the needs of their communities.

As Local Governments all over Western Australia exist for the benefit of local communities, WALGA’s advocacy positions have been developed with community benefit front of mind.

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