Water Management is critically important for Local Governments, as it incorporates varied issues such as:

  • managing the watering needs in public open space
  • maintaining water quality in local waterways
  • managing stormwater and drainage assets. and
  • adopting  water sensitive urban design.

Wetland Algal Bloom Management: Sharing Treatment Outcomes

WALGA and New WAter Ways have created an interactive map with case studies from Local Governments on the outcomes of wetland algal bloom treatments. The aim of the initiative is to assist Local Governments to identify and adopt effective treatments, optimise use of scarce resources and increase our collective understanding of options for wetland management.

Case studies detailing treatments implemented over the past two years are available from the Local Governments of Busselton, Canning, Mandurah, Perth and Subiaco.  The information can be accessed under the ‘Wetland Algae Management’ category on the New WAter Ways Interactive Map

Treatments are to manage blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) blooms, which generally occur as water levels drop and temperatures increase.  Case studies of the following treatments are provided:

  • enzymes
  • phoslock
  • HT-clay

Positive results have been reported for all treatments trialled, ranging from rapid improvements in visual water clarity, through to reductions in total phosphorus concentration by over 90%.

Sites include natural and constructed wetlands in urban environments, and regional river systems.  Information includes details of the treatment applied, before and after treatment photos, and whether corresponding water parameters have been measured. Case studies on some nutrient intervention projects are also included.

The interactive map will continue to be updated with new case studies.  Local Governments are encouraged to submit projects using the short template to Melanie Davies, WALGA Biodiversity and Sustainability Project Officer. 


The following resources are provided to help Local Governments manage their water management needs, and water resources:

Department of Water and Environmental Regulation website

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation supports Western Australia’s growth and development by managing the availability and quality of water – now and for the future.

New WAter Ways

New WAter Ways aims to improve urban water management by building the water sensitive urban design capacity of government and industry.

WaterWise Councils

This program is delivered by the Water Corporation and recognises Local Governments who have taken action to improve their water management.

Fertilising Your Lawn and Garden

The Annual Nurtient Survey for Local Government Authorities Results 2017 are available here. This report was developed as part of the South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare's Phosphorus Awareness Project.

This brochure was developed as part of the Urban Users Fertiliser Action Plan Working Group. 

Priority Plan for Investment in the Swan Canning Catchment

This plan was developed by WALGA’s Swan Canning Policy Forum to deliver an efficient, equitable and realistic solution that demonstrates a commitment to protecting Perth’s most iconic asset.

Swan River Trust

The Swan River Trust is an advisory body that provides independent, high-level strategic advice on the protection of the Swan and Canning rivers and related developments.

Relevant Legislation

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