Current Submissions

Click here to review and provide feedback on the WALGA climate change submissions and discussion documents currently out for comment.

Past Environment Submissions and Policy Development Documents

Click here to view past climate change submissions and policy development documents.

Climate Change Declaration Wording

By signing WALGA’S Local Government Climate Change Declaration, Councils can demonstrate their political commitment to locally appropriate climate change management, and participate in a sector-wide leadership approach.The template can be modified suit each Local Government and WALGA will professionally print the certificate for signing and display.

Climate Change Policy Statement Template

Use this template to prepare a climate change policy statement for your Local Government.

Operational Carbon Management Policy Template

Use this template to prepare a policy statement committing to greenhouse gas reduction, and/or carbon neutrality.

A Project Manager's Guide to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

This guideline sets out a step-by-step process for measuring emissions, developing and implementing an emission reduction or abatement strategy.

Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit

This toolkit provides a seven-step process to help Local Government managers develop a climate change adaptation strategy.

The Marginal Cost Curve Abatement Tool (MACC)

The MACC tool is a decision support tool designed to help Local Governments identify which carbon abatement option is the most cost-effective. Additionally, this tool enables Local Governments to develop a visual representation of their greenhouse gas abatement projects listed from the most cost effective methods of abating carbon dioxide emissions (tCO2-e) to the least cost effective.