Welcome to WALGA

Thank you for signing up for WALGA Member Access. To request permissions to a subscription service, please follow the tutorial below.

If you are having difficulty of have any questions, please email communications@walga.asn.au.

How to Access Subscription Services


Click the Login button on the menu bar.


Enter your email and password. If you have forgotten this, please click the Forgot your password button below.


Click the My Profile button on the menu bar.


Select Request Permission. This is where you will be able to request access to the Subscription services.

This menu also gives you the option to update your details and change your password.

This modal will appear, select the Subscription Services you require access too and click Request.

The relevant business unit will receive your request and approve/deny your access. You will receive an automatic email when this has been done.

Please allow up to 24 hours for your request to be dealt with.