WALGA’s Elected Member professional development courses have been designed to provide the essential knowledge and skills to support Councillors to perform their role as defined in the Local Government Act 1995.

With a range of flexible courses to choose from, including a qualification specifically developed to meet the needs of Elected Members in Western Australia, there are a variety of ways to maintain and develop your professional capabilities.


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Elected Member
Learning and Development Pathway


WALGA Training have developed a suite of fundamental training courses that are an essential foundation for Elected Members to operate effectively in the Local Government environment.


WALGA Training have developed a comprehensive suite of courses that have been specifically developed to address the unique needs of Elected Members in Western Australia. All courses have been tailored to assist Elected Members to perform their roles effectively and confidently as decision makers in Local Government.


The Diploma of Local Government (Elected Member) is the highest level of qualification that an Elected Member can obtain through WALGA. It has been designed specifically to meet the needs of an Elected Member’s role in Western Australia. The qualification contains 11 units of competency and has been deliberately constructed to be flexible and enables participants to complete studies via a series of tasks, projects and workplace activities which gather evidence of skills and knowledge.