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Procurement Service

Western Australia's Local Governments buy around $1 billion worth of goods and services each year. So it’s important that they receive and deliver best value to the community. As the custodians of ratepayer funds, the need for transparency at all stages of the procurement process is important.  

WALGA  offers Local Governments and Associate Members high quality support, facilitation and advice at every step of the procurement process. We want Members to achieve the best possible procurement outcomes while fulfilling compliance obligations. We are committed to assisting Members to achieve best practice in all aspects of procurement, including building procurement capacity.

The Procurement Services team is experienced in working with a wide variety of Local Government staff involved in purchasing and contracting on a range of procurement projects. Regularly these include areas such as civil construction, land development and heritage refurbishment.

There are many advantages to engaging WALGA’s Procurement Service:

  • Independence – no vested interest in any Local Government's procurement outcomes.
  • Expertise – specialist procurement expertise in all aspects of the process.
  • Capacity Building – improve Local Government's procurement capability through education, advice, resources and support.
  • Confidentiality – all Procurement Service’s work is strictly confidential.
  • Transparency - Local Governments can demonstrate transparency in procurement decision making.
  • Capacity - Local Governments can free up internal resources for other tasks.

Our Services

Click here for information on the Procurement Services we offer.

  • Tender Management Services (including the development or review of any tender)
  • Procurement Improvement:
    • Procurement Toolkit
    • Customised workshops
    • Procurement reviews
    • Capability Assessment
    • Audit service and due diligence
    • Spend analysis
    • Contract management

Procurement Services Subscription

Subscription to the WALGA Procurement Service is recommended for all Local Governments and Associate Members regardless of size, procurement maturity or location.

Members pay a small annual subscription fee to subscribe to the Service, which covers unlimited access to:
  • the WA Local Government Procurement Toolkit is the leading procurement resource. The toolkit guides staff through each step of the procurement process and includes a number of essential tools and templates.
  • collaborative procurement opportunities and networking including WALGA's Procurement Network.
  • a 10 percent discount on fees for all services.
  • WALGA's library of procurement resources and discussion forum.
  • professional procurement networks, including the National Procurement Network which offers access to contracts, discussion on national issues.
  • advisory service.