WALGA undertakes both policy and projects covering a range of environmental issues, creates awareness about specific environmental issues and provides resources to support Local Government Officers and Elected Members.

Key Policy Areas and Projects

Current Issues

Tuart Woodlands and Forests of the Swan Coastal Plain - WALGA Submission on draft Conservation Advice

WALGA has completed an interim submission on the proposed listing of the ‘Tuart Woodlands and Forests of the Swan Coastal Plain’ as a Threatened Ecological Community under the Commonwealth’s Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.  The interim submission can be viewed here, together with the Infopage sent to the sector seeking comment prior to the closing date of Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The submission is based on advice received from Local Government members.  It supports national protection for the estimated remaining 14% of the original extent of the ecological community.  It recommends up-to-date maps of vegetation extent, revision of key diagnostic characteristics and recommended buffer zones, and further funding opportunities to assist land managers identify and protect tuart woodlands.  For further information, please contact Melanie Davies, Biodiversity and Sustainability Project Officer, or call 9213 2065.

Climate Change Policy Statement Review – Discussion Paper released for comment

Climate change is a key issue for Local Governments that impacts almost all aspects of their operations and responsibilities.  
WALGA is reviewing the existing Policy Statement on Climate Change, endorsed by State Council in 2009 to ensure it reflects the contemporary views of the sector and takes into account the significant scientific, technological and political developments that have occurred in that time.

WALGA has released a Discussion Paper and is seeking input from Local Government on key advocacy priorities for Local Government, and on the preferred content of the Policy Statement. Click here to view the paper.

Comment on the Discussion Paper is sought by Tuesday, 16 January to environment@walga.asn.au.
For further information, email Laura Simes, Environment Policy Advisor, lsimes@walga.asn.au  or call 9213 2049.