An expert panel from Destination Perth, Australia’s South West and Tourism WA joined City of Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas for our concurrent session on the Future of Tourism.

The Lord Mayor set the scene with his vision for Perth, where everyone is proud of the City, and can enjoy it. He outlined the events and activities coming up this summer that will bring the ‘City of Lights’ to life.  His energy for the all that Perth has to offer is almost enough to singlehandedly power the ‘City of Lights’!

Renata Lowe, A/Executive Director Destination Development, Tourism WA kicked off the panel discussion on the Tourism WA Reset Strategy, with key strategic focus areas; motivate visitation; restore access; and enhance experiences.

Renata also discussed Tourism WA’s 10-year visitor economy strategy - a holistic strategic plan for both Government and industry, -which will be released in mid-2023. Stakeholder engagement will commence in the coming months, with Renata urging all Local Governments to get involved.

Complementing Renata’s presentation was Chris Galvin, Senior Manager Insights and Planning at Tourism WA. Chris discussed how pre-COVID trends of new experiences, globalisation and technology were still relevant, as was sustainable ecotourism and adventure holidays. Chris shared some of the great resources available for Local Governments and Regional Tourism Boards.

In the second part of her presentation, Renata discussed the intent and strategy behind the new “Walking on a Dream” global brand campaign and the Aboriginal tourism action plan 2021 – 2025. Renata closed with a call out to Local Governments from across the State for their tourism priorities, to help drive strategy and focus for Tourism WA.

Our third speaker was Laura Anderson, the Business Development Manager at Destination Perth. Laura shared some great examples of how the the Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO)has been collaborating with Local Governments in and around Perth   including the Experience Perth campaigns and the Sunset Coast augmentation reality project.

Finally, Australia’s South West’s Chief Executive Officer Catrin Allsop shared the strategic intent of one of the leading RTOs in WA as well as their future strategy to retain market share through great attractions and marketing. Catrin shared the case study of BunGeo, working together to create an iconic sub-brand in WA. The intent was to show how Australia’s SouthWest and other RTO’s can collaborate with Local Governments on practical application to drive visitation.
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