Justin spoke about his journey from humble beginnings - where he dreamed about owning and wearing the iconic ‘baggy green’ cap - to the challenges of the past 12 months and resigning from his post as coach of the Australian cricket team.
He made a particular point of saying just how brutal some individuals in the media had been and how this has made his last 12 months a living nightmare.

Justin focussed on the role models he had as youngster, including his mother and grandmother, who helped him remain focussed on what really mattered. One regret he had in his life is that he worried too much about small things he could not change.

Justin’s excitement at being finally selected to play for Australia in 1993 was best summed up by the admission that he actually slept the night before the match in his new, much dreamed about, ‘baggy green’ cap.

His baptism of fire against the West Indies provided a great insight for everyone tackling a huge challenge. Focus. “If take your eye off the ball, you will get hurt.” Justin’s first ball in Test cricket struck him on the head.

The challenges that he faced during his career, especially with the media, gave the audience a new two-word mantra to take away, “Truth works”.

To ‘Embrace Change”, Justin advised us all, we have to first be honest with ourselves.

Justin also spoke of the times he had the privilege of meeting some of the world’s highest profile people including Queen Elizabeth, Bishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.

He wasn’t name dropping to the audience, just using those interactions to pass on advice received, or observations made.
And the advice he received? The Dalai Lama told him education should be the highest priority. Bishop Tutu used a bible passage to explain how suffering produces endurance. 

And Queen Elizabeth made him feel special by focusing on him, and only him, during their brief chat.

The final word: “Leadership is lonely. You cannot do it by yourself.” – Justin Langer
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