To kick this session off, Bronwyn Weir, Managing Director of Weir Legal & Consulting, provided insights into what she thinks are some of the current issues facing the building industry.

Some examples included the review process of permit applications and limited mandatory inspections during building work. Bronwyn called upon everyone to collectively lift the integrity of the building industry, and she talked about the important role that Local Government building departments play across key areas such as safety, monitoring and compliance and dealing with emergency responses.

Brett Mace, CEO of Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS), was next to take the stage, and talked about a topic that is impacting most industries – skilled worker shortages.

It was a common theme across numerous sessions over two days.

Brett explained how the implementation of the Professional Standards Scheme will deliver a better talent pool and increased skill set to the building industry and provide a greater pool of building surveyors for local governments to engage with. Some very welcome news for our audience!

Saj Abdoolakhan, Executive Director Building and Energy at DMIRS, was the final speaker at this session and he gave an overview of some of the recommended reforms that Building, and Energy have put forward to the Government, and what they will mean for Local Governments if they are adopted.

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