Record Management in Local Government

Local Governments are involved in a range of activities and make decisions on a daily basis that directly impact their local community. Activities include waste management, recreational facilities, planning approvals, home business and short-term rental applications, health inspections and pet management.

In addition, Council Members debate, set policy and can make local government rules and resolutions.

All of these activities generate records, which can take the form of letters, memos, emails, photos, videos, recordings and social media posts.

All of these records are important because they are the corporate knowledge of an organisation, independent of staff turnover. They may also form important evidence in legal proceedings or have priceless value as an historic record. Most importantly, records and good recordkeeping practice promote accountable and transparent decision making.

WALGA is pleased to introduce the following courses to enhance the professional development and competencies of Local Government Officers in relation to record keeping practices.
Note: There will be a slight increase in course fees from Friday, 1 July 2022. Bookings made before this date will not be affected.