Environment and Sustainability (eLearning)


The Environment and Sustainability eLearning Course is comprised of five modules to provide Local Governments with a comprehensive grounding in the key areas of responsibility and management; climate change, biosecurity, biodiversity, sustainability and water. 
As the closest tier of government to the community, Local Governments are in a unique position of being able to improve environment and sustainability at a local level, internally and across the community, and contribute to global benefits. The course assists Local Governments to meet their legislative obligations under Section 1.3 (3) of the Local Government Act (1995), which requires that Local Government, in carrying out its functions, “is to use its best endeavours to meet the needs of current and future generations through an integration of environmental protection, social advancement and economic prosperity.

Target Audience

Designed for Elected Members and Local Government Officers.

Learning Outcomes

1. Provide a grounding in the key environment and sustainability areas that Local Governments are involved in managing, to assist with informed decision making on council matters; 

2. Provide information on effective approaches to managing environment and sustainability issues;

3. Raise awareness of participation opportunities in the environmental policy areas and projects that WALGA and partner organisations lead on behalf of the sector. 




Enrol anytime (3 months to complete upon date of enrolment).

Course Fees

$300.00 (plus GST)