Preparation Program to Induct Newly Elected Members


The first months after an election is a period of considerable upheaval and ensuring that all Council Members are sufficiently or appropriately aware and prepared for their roles and responsibilities is of primary concern for a Chief Executive Officer.

First impressions have a lasting effect and impact on the development of relationships. Assisting Council Members to feel informed and included in activities is manifestly important as well as a wise and beneficial investment of your time.

Enabling Council Members to settle into their representative role with knowledge of how and when they are able to have input into the decision making process of the Council will reduce misunderstanding and potential non-compliance.

This program is designed to assist the Local Government CEO’s and their Executive Team to develop and implement an Induction Program for Council Members and ensure that Council Members understand the key aspects of their role and responsibilities including the significant legislative requirements, how the organisation is structured, the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework (IPRF), Planning and Development Functions of the Local Government and more.

The program includes an Induction Manual template (e-version), allowing individual Councils to contextualise and brand their own resources whilst offering a structured induction program. It will assist the CEO’s to inform all Council Members of expected standards and emphasising their role as community leaders.

Target Audience

A crucial course for Local Government CEO's, Directors and Governance Managers.


9:00am to 12:30pm

Course Fees

$295.00 plus GST (per person)

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