Local Governments have an essential role in Emergency Management due to their legislated responsibilities, strong relationship with local community networks and knowledge of locally available resources.
The way emergencies and disasters are managed is critical to the safety and sustainability of communities and the effective functioning of the Local Governments and their staff.
We have witnessed disasters impacting communities throughout Local Government areas, from health emergencies through to fearsome fires and floods.  It is appreciated globally that being ‘ready’ is fundamental. Therefore, now more than ever, Local Governments recognise the need to be well informed and contemporary in how they perform in the field of Emergency Management on behalf of their community.
To assist Local Governments in this critically important task, WALGA offer training courses ranging from an Introduction to Emergency Management and progressing through to Community Disaster Recovery training and providing vital leadership during critical times.  All courses offer guidance and instruction for planning, processes, and partnerships through to providing leadership in disaster situations for the broad range of emergencies which our communities face in a turbulent world. Additionally, these courses are invaluable to build connections and networks with members of other Local Governments across the State, further enhancing information sharing and learning opportunities.

  •  Animal Welfare in Emergencies provide skills and knowledge to support animal welfare response in an emergency. This is being offered through the Muresk Institute as part of the Animal Welfare in Emergencies Grant Program.
An introductory eLearning course that describes the outcomes required to apply emergency management concepts and principals within Australia, with the main focus on Western Australia.
This course provides the foundation to increase Local Governments' knowledge of their preparation and planning responsibilities under the Emergency Management Act 2005.
This course will ensure that you as a leader are effectively prepared and able to respond to and recover from emergency events impacting the community.
This course provides the foundation to increase Local Governments’ knowledge of their recovery responsibilities under the Emergency Management Act 2005.
Assists appointed Local Recovery Coordinators under the Emergency Management Act 2005 to act effectively and appropriately to ensure a smooth recovery can occur within a community affected by an emergency.
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