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Workplace Goods & Services (PSP008)


Workwear Group is Australia’s largest uniform supplier and provides access to the latest garment design, technical developments, account management, sourcing, technology, logistics, customer service and manufacturing capabilities. Workwear Group has sites across Australia, including Western Australia, providing a significant local presence to support the requirements of our customers.

Workwear Group has successfully designed and delivered clothing and accessories including PPE that respond directly to the varying brand, service and performance requirements of our customers across a range of industries both nationally and internationally.

The Workwear Group has a simple mission: "We wxist to clothe people to work at their best very day." The compny since 1920 offers iconic Australian brands such as NNT, Hard Yakka and KingGee, covering corporate industrila clothing and footwear requirements.  Ranges are refreshed annually with new fashion designs, fabric innovations and OHS compliance.

  • NNT makes dressing for work easy, with fashion fit for purpose, with uncompromising quality and style.  Available through predetermined indent ordering periods and an all year-round stock service offer, the range is embroidered with Local Governments branding.  In addition, we offer "Create Your Range", which allows Councils to select from their catalogue and have their unique council logo.
  • Hard Yakka and KingGee Workwear has continued to grow and innovate with its workwear apparel and safety footwear. Available all year round, with LGC or individual Local Government branding



is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Corporate Wardrobe (PSP008-001)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Workwear (PSP008-002)