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Information & Communication Technologies (PSP001)

Winc Australia has transformed over 50 years in business to deliver better for you. 
From beginnings as an everyday stationery supplier, we’ve grown up and diversified for one reason - our customers. 
Through acquisitions and integrations over the years, we’ve further gained the know-how in all Workplace Supplies including Safety, Facility Solutions, Print and Promotional Marketing Services, Technology peripherals and Furniture Business Interiors. 
We provide everything Australian workplaces need to work to Government, Education, Care, Services and Industrial customers and SMEs.
We have a Team of Specialists in Facilities, Safety PPE, IT and Technology Peripherals, Print & Marketing, Furniture and Stationery and Workplace Supplies that are based here in Western Australia.
Recently Winc Australia developed a unique innovative solution for Workplace Requirements with an online intuitive Virtual Showroom.
This intuitive virtual showroom allows our customers to navigate through office areas to view and build a Furniture and Workplace Solutions package online.
Check out our Contemporary Workplace Solutions link here www.winc.co.au/workbetter
Should you wish us to come out to demonstrate our virtual platform please let us know and we can organise one of our Account Managers to visit or we can demonstrate via Teams if required particularly the remote locations.
Through our Winc Social Agenda we are committed to and monitor our 6 Pillars:-

  • Safe Work Practices – Ensuring our staff go home unharmed every day.
  • First Nations Peoples Support & Empowerment - We currently have 4 First Nations employees in our WA Team – offering opportunities to our Indigenous.
  • Climate Change – Our commitment to reduce carbon emissions from Winc’s business activities.
  • Responsible Packaging/Management of Waste - Improve sustainability of our own brand packaging, reduce waste, reduce packaging with in our warehouse and adhering to all WA Government Plastic Bans by moving away from single use plastic products and offering alternatives.
  • Gender Equality – Ensure inclusiveness and equality is expected and valued at Winc.
  • Ethical Sourcing – Trade ethically and take action to protect human rights in the supply chain.
 Please contact Angellina Willsher - Strategic Business Manager for Government WA for any further detailed information or if we can assist with your requirements.
Mobile 0400841313


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Audio Visual (PSP001-006)
  • ICT Products, Hardware & Associated Consultancy (PSP001-004)
  • Printing & Business Machines, Systems & Consumables (PSP001-005)

Workplace Goods & Services (PSP008)

Winc is a workplace support company. We free up companies to do what they do best by taking care of everything a workplace needs to work - all in one place and delivered.

We're here for all organisations, whether they're an SME or large enterprise, in education or health, private sector or government.

Our Team of industry specialists are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions for our customers.
This means everything from helping children around the country to reach their full potential by having the right tools to support their learning, to enabling Australian workers to perform their best whatever they do, wherever they are.

From office, school, facilities and safety essentials, services like print and marketing, to demonstrating what's possible with our technology and workplace solutions, Winc has the widest product range available.

Our state-of-the-art WA Distribution Centre based here in Perth has a dedicated Supply Chain Team ensuring our customers parcels are being delivered on time.

Our specialist IT Team are here to assist with most of IT/Technology requirements and Winc have very strong partnerships with IT Vendors.

Winc is very pleased to advise that by 26 November 2021, all 200+ Winc Drivers will be fully vaccinated, apart from one medical exemption.
Prior to 26 November, while some of our drivers continue to progress from first to second dose, only fully vaccinated drivers will be allocated to: 

  1. Delivery routes where the public health orders require this
  2. Customers who have requested only fully vaccinated drivers (and provided sufficient notice to allow us to manage these requests).
As part of our COVID Protocol, we hold an internal vaccination register which shows that all vaccinated Winc drivers have shown proof of vaccination to Winc. In addition, all drivers have been advised to carry proof of vaccination status with them at all times. Drivers will be instructed to show this documentation to authorised customer representatives upon request.
If you require any further clarification on this matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Angellina Willsher at Winc on 0400841313.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies (PSP008-006)
  • Office Design, Fitout & Furniture (PSP008-004)
  • Office Supplies (PSP008-005)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Workwear (PSP008-002)
  • Print Management (PSP008-007)