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Waste and Energy (PSP007)

Veolia Recycling & Recovery (referred to as Veolia ) is the Australian leader in sustainable resource recovery. We offer best practice environmental solutions for collection, resource recovery, recycling and safe disposal of non-recoverable residual materials.

Veolia integrated services include domestic waste and recycling collection, commercial & industrial waste collection; resource recovery and recycling; processing of organic materials into compost; engineered landfill services; waste audits and assessments; benchmarking and reporting; medical & clinical waste collection, treatment and resource recovery; electronic waste recovery; bulk bin services; and product destruction.

Supported by our extensive network of facilities, Veolia collection and recovery systems help save on disposal costs through service excellence and reducing exposure to landfill levies and the carbon tax. Veolia has built a successful integrated business model that is helping to solve one of the major environmental problems that threatens the planet – the sustainable and ethical management of waste.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Emergency Waste Services (PSP007-001)
  • Hazardous Waste Management (PSP007-002)
  • Landfill & Transfer Management Station Management (PSP007-008)
  • Resource Recovery (PSP007-007)
  • Waste Collection Services (PSP007-006)