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Professional Consultancy Services (PSP003)

Urbis is a highly experienced and well-respected firm, specialising in complex urban and regional affairs and policy-related work. We are committed to effective project delivery and have an excellent track record of working with a significant number of Local Governments across Western Australia, both metropolitan and regional, with the development of local planning schemes, strategies, scheme amendments, structure pans, policy development, town revitalisation strategies and development contribution plans.

We can also assist in the assessment and independent peer reviews of specific development proposals to facilitate timely, practical and carefully considered decisions. Our staff appreciate the importance of properly understanding the local context, spending time in the local area and engaging with stakeholders. In all their work, they seek to draw on their national skills and project experience, developed over the last 50 years.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Town Planning & Related Services (PSP003-004)