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Fleet (PSP006)

Uniqco Group of consultants specialise in assisting clients in the management of plant and fleet assets, particularly those owned and operated by local governments. It’s been our focus for more than 30 years. 
In recent years we’ve put these 30 years of experience to work in our Fleet Data Analytics - proprietary data aggregation tool and reporting cloud system.

We target establishing the true costs of running fleet and plant assets using sound accounting principles, tracking and collating primary-source data. Doing this, and aggregating our clients’ data over many years, lets us accurately benchmark fleet’s factual performance. 

It gives our clients real-world insights into true costs of their fleet-related service delivery. 

It also helps with financial planning decisions. Our economic modelling, taken from our Fleet Data Analytics system, has shown many councils the value of the services they deliver. It’s optimised their services, improved their costs, and given best value to their ratepayers. 


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  • Fleet Management Advisory Services (PSP006-022)