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Roads Infrastructure and Depot Services (PSP009)

Tunnelwell is made in WA and privately owned. Tunnelwell has been in research & development since 2009 and brought to market in 2020. After 11 years development it is now a world class eco-friendly product. Tunnelwell is a polyethylene stormwater underground storage system. Tunnelwell overcomes the shortfalls of other plastic underground stormwater infiltration designs and products. It is light weight and simple to install, no geotech cloth or stone support required, self-supporting with patented side wall infiltration openings which negate the ingress of soils when backfilled. It can be used in Greenfields developments, car parks and for Main Roads applications. Tunnelwell has been fully certified and physically tested to validate all computer FEA modelling design parameters. Tunnelwell can be easily maintained and has a service/performance life of 50-100 years. No retrofitting is required after <20 years of competitor products using geotech cloth surround. www.tunnelwell.com and become a Member.


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