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Engineering, Environmental & Technical Consultancy (PSP002)

SERCUL has been operating since 2003 to deliver high quality natural areas maintenance and revegetation services to Local Government, State and Federal Government agencies and the private sector in the Perth Metropolitan Area.
We specialise in delivering:

  • Revegetation planning and design specific to natural areas and waterways.
  • Revegetation planting and direct seeding.
  • Chemical weed control in environmentally sensitive areas including bushland, waterways and revegetation sites using a range of herbicides to safely remove weed threats whilst preserving biodiversity.
  • Safe and effective control of aquatic weeds.
  • Manual weed control where necessary to avoid off target damage to native vegetation.
  • Removal and chipping woody weeds in bushland.
  • Fuel load reduction.
  • Installation of erosion control measures along waterways and coastal areas including jute matting, coir mesh matting, coir logs, brush walling, geo fabric, rock riffles and rock armouring.
  • Weed mapping and vegetation condition mapping.
  • Natural area management plans. 
Our passionate team is committed to achieving the highest quality and best value management outcome for our customers to maximise the benefit delivered to Perth’s bushland and waterways reserves.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Water Management (PSP002-019)
  • Wetland Restoration (Artificial wetlands) (PSP002-017)