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Fleet (PSP006)

Refuelling Solutions (RFS) and its subsidiaries Mini-Tankers (ABN: 81 050 220 016) & Maxi-Tankers (ABN: 22 117 406 934) has delivered billions of litres and lubricants to customers Australia Wide. Our success has been built on a culture of doing the best we can for our people and customers. Our business is:

Mini-Tankers, on site refuelling.

Mini-Tankers is the original on-site, direct to equipment refuelling service with a national fleet.

- Plant stays exactly where it needs to be, we move safely around the worksite.

- Professional refuelling operators manage all your requirements on - site.

Maxi-Tankers, Direct to Site Bulk Refuelling.

Maxi-Tankers is the innovator of unique and tailored solutions for direct to site fuel supply.

- Perfect for haulage applications and large project requirements.

- Ideal for refuelling on site storage tanks.

I -Fuel Management Technology.

Each piece of your equipment is uniquely identified at the time of refuelling and recorded by our on board satellite tracking technology providing real -time remote access for analysis and reporting.

Lubricants to Site.

We have partnered with lubricants specialist Valvoline to deliver the highest quality lubricants at competitive prices, direct to sites or workshops. The range includes pre-packaged engine oils, greases, hydraulic fluids and specialty products.

We have the credentials in workplace health, safety (WHS), environment and quality assurance. These are fundamental to RFS' activities and an integral part of the way we conduct our business activities.

The RFS Integrated Management Systems (IMS) contains business procedures and management plans, providing evidences of activities performed and ensuring a cycle of continuous improvement.

The IMS has been developed with consistency in delivery as our main motivator and has been developed in accordance with:

- The Harmonised WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulation 2011.

- OHS Act 2004 (Vic)

- OHS Regualtion2007 (Vic)

- OSH Act 1984 (WA)

- OSH Regulation 1996 (WA)

 Our major policies include:

- Quality Policy.

- Environmental Policy.

- Health and Safety Policy,

- Fatigue Management Policy.

- Working a Height Policy.

- Drug and Alcohol Policy.

 We also offer other statements such as:

- Material Safety Data Sheets - Fuels and lubricants.

- Risk assessment and safe work method statements.

- National code of practice letter of compliance.


RFS holds a comprehensive schedule of insurance policies across the group of companies and conduct regular reviews of its insurance programs to ensure adequate coverage is maintained.

 Certificates of Insurance can be supplied upon request such as:

- Certificate of Currency for Public & Products liability.

- Certificate of Currency for Work cover Insurances.

- Certificate of Currency for umbrella liability.

- Certificate of Currency for Vehicles.

 In an industry where safety, productivity, efficiency and the environment are paramounts, Refuelling Solutions has a reputation for meeting all our customers’ expectations.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Oils, Lubricants & Vehicle Care Products (PSP006-007)