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Information & Communication Technologies (PSP001)

Redfish Technologies has considerable knowledge, and is a specialist supplier of evidential recording and audio-visual solutions within the local government market.  We specialise in council chamber discussion and visual display systems including specialist recording capture.  We also provide a wide range of Audio-Visual systems and solutions that encompass all areas of local government building and infrastructure.  This includes video conferencing, digital display, recreation centre audio and visual, meeting rooms and community resource centres fitout.  We also offer systems such as web streaming, hearing assistance, AV for community theatres and halls and numerous others smaller Audio-Visual systems.

Redfish offers services ranging from consultancy, design and construct, installation, commissioning and ongoing support and maintenance.  No job is too big or small!!


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Audio Visual (PSP001-006)
  • CCTV, Hardware, Systems & Networks (PSP001-026)
  • Consultancy - Technical (PSP001-002)

Workplace Goods & Services (PSP008)

Redfish Technologies is a specialist technology company focused on evidential recording systems and audio visuals solutions.

Our business is centred providing evidential recording and audio visual solutions.

We concentrate in working with the justice, parliamentary, law enforcement and local government sectors. Our systems are based around these core solutions:

  • Digital recording solutions tailored to the capture of the evidential record.
  • CCTV & Video Analysis
  • Audio Capture & Discussion Systems
  • Visual Display & Capture Solutions
  • Public Address & Sound Reinforcement
  • Voting and Metadata Capture in Meeting Environment
  • Control and Management for Meeting Room
  • Recording & Transcription Solutions
  • Hearing Loops and Accessibility Services
  • Video conferencing and recording
  • Webcasting and Live Streaming
  • Timing Solutions
We also considered to be experts in provide specialist consulting, design, implementation and support of various digital recording products, solutions and processes for the capture of the evidential record.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Security Infrastructure & Locksmiths (PSP08-010)