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Engineering, Environmental & Technical Consultancy (PSP002)

PLACE Laboratory is a youthful and energetic practice with studios on both the west and east coast of Australia.  Directors Anna Chauvel and Shlomit Strum bring together the best of boutique design focus combined with large international transdisciplinary experience and knowledge leadership with over 30 years experience.

PLACE Laboratory’s aim is clear - to create a client and project focused practice providing;

  • World-class knowledge leadership.
  • Intelligent and innovative design outcomes.
  • Direct and continuous involvement of Directors in all projects.
  • Cost effective operations providing direct financial benefit to clients.
  • Innovative and collaborative models focused on client outcomes.
  • Project vision keeping.
  • Robust and trusted client relationships.
  • An intimate knowledge of worldwide design trends applied to the local market.
  • Effective project management systems.
  • Highly regarded documentation.
  • Nationally recognised design excellence.

At PLACE Laboratory we believe that the public realm is the stage for ‘life’. When the public realm is designed well, the possibilities of life’s acts are infinite. As landscape architects and urban designers, we see our role as understanding and working with the dynamics and interplay between human experience and built form (buildings and open space). This sets the stage for life’s performances.
To be effective in attracting people, whilst creating a memorable experience, three aspects are crucial: beautiful physical environments, appropriate uses, and the underlying unique narratives of place. A beautiful place always attracts people, a buzzing and vibrant place always attracts people and a meaningful place always attracts people. Places need to be safe, technically sound, environmentally healthy and function smoothly. However, it is the first impression that gets people’s attention, triggered by beauty, buzz and meaning.

We avoid the homogenized, and create lively and dynamic spaces that enhances the quality of life for residents, workers and visitors. PLACE Laboratory’s core values underpin our goal to deliver projects championing design excellence and innovative design solutions; and demonstrated leadership in industry best-practice initiatives.  As landscape architects we see it as our duty to be at the forefront of environmental design, producing socially and environmentally sustainable projects.

Environmental design benefits greatly from a place led approach. The biggest environmental gains are realized by not approaching the site as a blank canvas, but taking the existing environment as point of departure and as inspiration for the design.



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  • Arboricultural, Landscape & Garden Design Services (PSP002-018)