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Fleet (PSP006)

Paveline is a design engineering company established in 1987 to facilitate the design and manufacture of high quality, cost effective road maintenance equipment. Paveline is 100% Australian owned company operating from Sydney. Paveline designed and introduced one man operated blower patching, spray and seal with integrated aggregate spreader/spray bar for full width sealing while travelling forward to Australia. Additionally designed and introduced self cleaning bitumen emulsion spray tips, eliminating the need for kerosene cleaning. Paveline's fast and accurate positive displacement with the overcab boom has the proven record of complying with Road Traffic Authority specifications of no more than 43 loose stones per square metre outside the patch area. Paveline offers a modular pricing schedule where customers can select which options would suit their particular applications. Modules can be added at a later date to allow for customers growing needs. Additionally, with the clever design and robust construction the Paveline machine re-sale or trade-in value is the highest in the industry, therefore, the pricing advantage is maintained throughout the life of the machine. Paveline can provide the Autopatch blower patching machine, Tack Coater units, Specialist Emulsion Vessels and Bitumen Emulsion Sprayers (portable and trailer mounted). Let Paveline help you with your road maintenance program!


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Road Maintenance Trucks (Supply of) (PSP006-011) (NPN1.15-2)