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Parks & Gardens (PSP010)

As the driest developed nation in the world, Australia has a very high demand for water services and irrigation products. The extremely harsh conditions and vast remoteness require irrigation and pumping systems that are reliable, energy efficient and proven. We provide innovative water solutions and place a high value on relationships and customer experience. NewGround is a service provider that is proactive and nimble; we can react quickly and provide solid customer service. With the focus on energy and water efficiency, Newground optimises the ways in which pumps, drives, controls, irrigation systems and communication units work together to offer a solution tailored to the clients needs.

As such, NewGround has the ability service a broad range of markets such as irrigation, solar, agriculture, fabrication and pumping.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Landscape, Infrastructure, Works & Maintenance (PSP010-003)
  • Mowing Services (PSP010-004)
  • Pumps and Irrigation (PSP010-002)
  • Supply of General Parks & Gardens Goods (PSP010-007)
  • Turf - Supply, Installation & Maintenance (PSP010-010)