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Financial and Corporate Services (PSP004)

Moharich & More is a Western Australian law firm, established in 2015 by Belinda Moharich. Despite our small size, we are ranked as ‘top tier’ and ‘pre-eminent’ in the areas of planning and environment law in various national and international legal ranking tables.

We are specialists in the areas of town planning, environment, resource and land compensation law.

  • Property developers – businesses which create built-form projects and subdivide land; and
  • Land users – businesses who need land from which to operate their business – in a diverse range of industries, such as bulky goods retailing, shopping centres, private schools, nursing homes, petrol stations, hotels, and resorts.
We understand the development process, and your need to obtain not only accurate, but timely and practical advice.  

We are able to assist at all stages of the development cycle, and for many of our longstanding clients, we are an integral member of their project team,  providing advice and giving guidance to projects from land acquisition to project completion.

We like to think we do things a bit differently from the major law firms:
  • We provide specialist advice in one area of law, rather than trying to do everything;
  • We work efficiently, without the overheads of a large organisation; and,
  • We are the lawyers actually doing your work, rather than just being the signature on the letter, or face at the initial meeting.
We are friendly and accessible, and look forward to building long lasting and successful relationships with our clients.


is qualified within the following sub-categories:

  • Legal & Debt Management Services (PSP004-008)